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Obama and the Left’s Inconsistent Asymmetry of Praise and Blame

In Fairness, Inconsistency, You didn't build that on August 18, 2012 at 2:49 pm

Here’s a point not being raised: Let’s bypass the debate about taking President Obama’s “You didn’t build that [business], someone else made that happen” comment in context and grant the Left’s ostensible meaning in context. Basically, it’s this: No single person deserves all the glory, laud, honor . . .  and/or, money for their hard work in starting a business. No one is solely responsible for starting their business. If they think they started it with their smarts, well, they needed to be educated by teachers in the first place. If they think they are extraordinarily creative at marketing, thereby bringing customers to their locale rather than another, well, those customers could only get there on public roads that we all pay for. Or, if the business does not need roads but earns money online, a la Amazon, well, the proprietor “didn’t invent the internet, government research did so that all the companies could make money off the internet.” Thus, since the creation of the citizen’s business was a joint societal endeavor, requiring all of our help in some way or another, this means, per Obama and the left, that the business owner doesn’t deserve all the credit. We share the credit. We share the praise. It isn’t laid all at the feet of the business owner. We share the profit, which is done, in part, on the business owner’s end, by his paying higher taxes. You know, giving back.

So construed, Obama and the left cannot take issue with the above presentation of his comments. In fact, the above reading is supported by Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard professor who will be introducing President Clinton at this year’s Democratic National Convention. Here’s what Warren said: Read the rest of this entry »